I know I said I wanted to dedicate full heartedly on this new blog and then *poof* I disappear for about two weeks.

Really, I apologize for that. I also seem to have overall neglected Bouts of Books 12. With cosplay, cons, work, and the end of winter break I seem to have lost track of my priorities OTL

When I made the Bouts of Books post (along with the TBR) I fully planned to follow through, I swear. However, the con suddenly jumped up on me as -wow- a week away and I had the horrible realization that I had none of the three cosplays I had planned ready. I worked extremely hard on one that didn’t even make it to the con before I scrapped it because the jacket wasn’t fitting properly and I had no time to try and fix it. The rest I pulled 3-4 AM nights working on and in reality, I went to the con with 1 cosplay. What a bummer. It came to point where I was styling my wig the night before the first day of the con -sigh-.

The con itself was quite fun and relaxing compared to the rest of the week where I was sewing like a madman right after leaving work. However, I forgot to bring any of my books (along with many, many other things) and to be perfectly honest, I was so tired throughout the entire event that I took frequent naps.

All in all I really just overbooked myself. I’ll try my hardest to be petter prepared and organized so I don’t leave this blog in the dark without any notice.

I hope your weeks went well! Discover something new? Watch your favorite movie again? Tell me, I’d love to know!