Sunday Wrap-Up AKA Where Have I Been?

I know I said I wanted to dedicate full heartedly on this new blog and then *poof* I disappear for about two weeks.

Really, I apologize for that. I also seem to have overall neglected Bouts of Books 12. With cosplay, cons, work, and the end of winter break I seem to have lost track of my priorities OTL

When I made the Bouts of Books post (along with the TBR) I fully planned to follow through, I swear. However, the con suddenly jumped up on me as -wow- a week away and I had the horrible realization that I had none of the three cosplays I had planned ready. I worked extremely hard on one that didn’t even make it to the con before I scrapped it because the jacket wasn’t fitting properly and I had no time to try and fix it. The rest I pulled 3-4 AM nights working on and in reality, I went to the con with 1 cosplay. What a bummer. It came to point where I was styling my wig the night before the first day of the con -sigh-.

The con itself was quite fun and relaxing compared to the rest of the week where I was sewing like a madman right after leaving work. However, I forgot to bring any of my books (along with many, many other things) and to be perfectly honest, I was so tired throughout the entire event that I took frequent naps.

All in all I really just overbooked myself. I’ll try my hardest to be petter prepared and organized so I don’t leave this blog in the dark without any notice.

I hope your weeks went well! Discover something new? Watch your favorite movie again? Tell me, I’d love to know!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap-Up AKA Where Have I Been?

  1. Aaaah real life! Totally understandable. Real life's been kicking my ass as well and it's a miracle I'm still awake and functioning. I'm glad you had fun at that con though!

    Work's basically been kicking my butt and I've been mostly seeing friends, catching up, eating too much. I managed to catch Imitation Game, Into The Woods and that Hobbit movie and they were all hits for me! AND I WATCHED HAPPYLAND, LOVED IT AND FOUND OUT IT WAS CANCELLED. Obviously I'm devo.


  2. Which cosplay did you finish? My sister often goes to cons and has various cosplays, it's fun to see. Cons can be exhausting sometiems, but fun as well. How sad you forgot to bring your book, I always feel so frustrated when I forget my book and then have time to read and curse myself for forgetting to bring my book.


  3. For me work has been a bit slow after the Christmas holiday rush ┐(´~`;)┌, so I'm' able to read the books now haha ;;.

    Ahh I want to see Into the Woods so bad T^T. I love the musical and the movie looks amazing.


  4. I only ended up completely finishing a maid Miku outfit aha~ I planned on bringing Slaine from and Rin from Fate stay/night. I really wish I worked it out better to bring them both but hopefully the next con will be better!


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