Sunday Wrap Up #2

School, work, and books! Oh my!

As of Monday, the Spring Semester of college has begun for me. So be prepared for some sporadic hiatus’s (both notified and unnotified), coffee, and tired blogging.

Currently I am taking an acting class, a theatre appreciation class, voice 1 class, piano 1 class, and a stage makeup class. One thing I did not expect was my semester to be so expensive. I had to buy a makeup kit that was around $60 and a couple of textbooks I decided to buy retail because they’d benefit me in the future. A friend of mine bought her makeup kit for $125, poor girl. Other than that, I’m also going in for stage crew for the Spring play.

I meant to start a new feature on my blog titled “Thursday Tunes” but we saw how great that went. Urg. I meant to write the blog post before hand, but alas, I didn’t. I was too tired from starting school while also working, that I forgot to write up the posts. I may leave all of my post writing to Sundays. If I have a review to write, I’ll write it ASAP, otherwise, Sundays it is.

Book wise, I finished The Aviary this morning and Monument 14 some time this week. Don’t worry folks, I’m trying the best I can to push through the Bout of Books TBR I meant to read (one more!). I’ll start on Monstrous Beauty today and see how far I get. If I went the same pace I read The Aviary, I should have the book read quickly. I also have yet to make a haul video/post for January since I’ve been meaning to start my Booktube channel as well as just post the haul since I got a great ton of books.

What was your week like? 
Do leave a comment down below!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap Up #2

  1. Your classes sound fun, although wow make up kits are pricey! Good luck with your spring semester, sounds like it's going to be a busy semester for you. You can always start your new feature when things have quieted down. I hope you have a great week!


  2. Oh I hope you don't overtire yourself! Those classes sound fantastic but yeah, I never anticipate the cost of it all. TEXTBOOKS!!! WHY DO THEY COST SO MUCH???! My week was overwhelming and I've been trying to get things done before my little break. Alas, not all of it was done. I've had two hours sleep. Yup, how fun LOL


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