I’m Not Dead!

It’s been over a month and I’m so, so sorry for neglecting this blog. A lot of things have been thrown at me and most of it is a bit of my fault. I kind of threw myself into a lot of different hobbies that require their own time and personally I just didn’t have enough time to encapsulate it.

However, it is now summer vacation as it has been for about a month and I’m starting to slowly work things out. Currently I’m not doing any work in theatre since it’s the summer and I’m not in school and I’m not very prepared to go out into the industry just yet. I am, however, working with cosplay a lot. I’m currently going on a costume making binge to make it in time for Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Since I don’t want to congest the front page here, I’ll go and put the rest under a cut since there’s a lot to write.

You might be wondering why I changed a lot of the blog. For one, I changed the name and mostly it’s to combine my love of books and my love of cosplay into one area. I considered making another, separate blog for cosplay, but I can’t even keep this one updated because unfortunately, reading books takes time and writing a review and etc takes more time after that and while I would love to have nothing but time to indulge in my hobbies, I’m still a college student and when I’m not worrying about classes, I’m working towards my career which has me stay on campus for at least 12 hours and has me take at least 15 units worth of classes each semester–and if it’s not school or theatre, it’s my part-time job.

When I got out of my spring semester, I immediately started working on my costumes. In January I attended another convention in the Los Angeles area and to my dismay, I wasn’t able to complete any of my costumes except for one. So it was really upsetting to go to a con with just one cosplay. I know that sounds a bit childish, but I really love cosplaying. It’s a lot of fun and while 95% of it is just pure work and tears, the payoff is so worth it. So with that in mind, I really want to be able to get to my goal of having around 4-5 costumes for Anime Expo. Currently I’m working on a big one with a lot of props and some intricate costume pieces that I’ve never made before, so it might be a bit ambitious, but hopefully with the help of my boyfriend and best friend–I might just be able to pull it off.

If you aren’t aware of what cosplay is or I guess my love for it, I’ll make a separate blog post about it.

Now since cosplay is taking about as much as my free time as possible, I don’t really have time for books. I feel like this will be a pattern that continues, unfortunately. Kind of like a seasonal event, reviews and books might be something I’ll be able to binge in the last leg of the summer so I’ll be reading a lot and I’ll try to queue them up so that they come up sporadically. I’ve tried to squeeze it in any time where I’m not working on cosplay, working, or sleeping–but it would be just too much and I wouldn’t be able to just immerse myself in it. Which is really unfortunate, and I’m really picky where I want to be fully invested in it because I’m trying to share my humble opinion to you.

Lastly, I adopted a baby kitten! If you haven’t ever raised a kitten from about a week old, then I’ll tell you this: it’s like raising a child. I’ve had to wake up at 2 AM to feed her and other things that baby kitten owners have to do and that’s another thing that eats away at my free time, sadly. But I love her. She’s adorable and great.

This is a pretty long winded post, but I just wanted to give you a heads up to what’s been going on. I’m trying to take on a lot of things and that’s kind of a fatal flaw, but it is in my blood to be a little bit of a work-a-holic.

Things to expect soonish are:

  • A post explaining cosplay and the reason why I love cosplay.
  • Reviews for a couple of cosplay related things!
  • Weekly kitten updates along with just life updates
  • Book news (hopefully)

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