Hey guys! I’ve been away from some time and it’s starting to all sound the same right? Well, it’s because I’ve been kind of in the same mode for Anime Expo 2015 prep. As you may know, I’m a cosplayer and Anime Expo is kind of my big con to wear cosplay and to hang out with friends due to the size and me being in Southern California. It seems like it was a lot of time for all of this right?

Well that’s true… and then it’s not true. I was able to buy some of my costumes for insurance, but one still hasn’t gotten into the warehouse. That was a bit of a hiccup, it’s been okay so far. I was able to buy a new costume and have that shipped to me about two weeks before the con. I’ll make some update posts on my costumes from here on out so I can keep track of my own progress as well as show you where I am with my skill level.

Anime Expo was a pretty fun experience. I hung around with a fun group of people that consisted of my best friend, my boyfriend, and his cousin. For the most part, it’s a blur between costume changes and the exhibit hall. During cons, I tend to go through the Exhibit Hall and the Artist Alley quite thoroughly. However, this year I went a bit crazy with my savings on the Exhibit Hall and not enough in the Artist Alley which is a grand shame. Next year.

I’ll be writing a post on my Kantai Collection cosplay as it’s still in the works and never made it to Anime Expo as well as a general “what cosplay means to me” post.

‘Till then!