New Year for New Resolutions

Happy New Years everybody! If you’re reading this, I might already be at my relatives for some family time. However, that doesn’t stop me from posting about some resolutions I have for this upcoming year!

For 2016 I really want to push this blog and the fun ideas I have for bookish things!

1. I want to definitely read more books. I have a huge stack of them to get to, so hopefully I can knock some of them out. Right now, I seem to only be able to read ebooks because they’re portable and on my phone, but I’ll try my best to knock out some of those hardcovers that have been collecting dust.

2. I want to start a Blind Book Date kind of group going. I have some ideas of how to get it started and how to get it out there, so hopefully I can make it a thing!

3. I want to start a store where I make bookish accessories and things that are related to book characters and books. This is kind of just an idea, but I definitely have it and I want to start it ASAP!

4. Blogging. I want to get more active in this blog. It’s fun and I like it and it takes some time out of my super busy life, so I would like to expand this blog and hopefully reach a bigger audience. As a heads start for new blogging, I’ve signed up for three new reading challenges. The Clean Slate challenge, Flights of Fantasy, and the Blogger Discussion Challenge. I have links to all and the buttons also lead back to the sign up post!

Those are pretty much the simple resolutions. What are yours?

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