The Blind Book Date Club Sign-Ups

Hello lovelies! Ever since I got a few comments of interest, I got really inspired to kick start this thing. So without further ado, here’s The Blind Book Date Club! Round 1 of sign ups are open until January 29, 2016. It’s a bit quick (sorry), but I do want this to be quick and have everyone prepared to have their things in by Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of which…

Round 1: Valentine’s Day

Since it is a Blind Book Date Club, I decided to have round one happen on Valentine’s Day. The goal here is to hopefully have everyone who signed up to have a book by Valentine’s Day so that they can have their little date. So let’s get down to the specifics. 
What is the Blind Book Date Club?

The Blind Book Date Club is a club I created for readers to discover new books that they like (or maybe dislike) through the process of your classic blind date. It’s essentially a blind book recommendation. This will be in the form very much like Secret Santa. You’ll fill out a form, get someone else’s form, and then you’ll buy them a blind book date and send it to them. In turn, they read and they can totally have some awesome fan moments or they can unfortunately not end up liking the book. Either way I think this is a fun little thing to try and I personally find it fun to receive rec’s that are for me. 
I call this a club because I want this to be something that’s reoccurring. Whether that happens or not is all in the respect of the success of this little experiment, but the idea is to constantly have people getting new book dates. It’s an easy way of discovering a book, I think. 
What do I have to do?

Step 1: Fill out the form. I’ve created a form for you to fill out so I can send this to your blind date.
Step 2: Receive your blind date. Sign Ups will close on January 29, 2016 and everybody will be paired by the 1st of February. Emails should be sent out either that day or within the week. 
Step 3: Go book hunting! This will require some research. I ask that you go through your blind date’s read list on Goodreads so that you don’t get your blind date something they already have read.
Step 4: Send out your blind date! Once you’ve found the perfect book, wrap it up, send it in the mail, and wait. 
Step 5: Receive your blind book date. See how your book date is doing. And see how everyone else’s dates are doing! 
The Rules:

I know, I know. Rules. But they are important. I want this to be a fun experience whether or not you absolutely loved your book. So please read these fully and when you check off that last box you’re telling me that you’ll follow the rules or risk being banned from this. 
1. Have a parent or guardian’s permission if you are under 18. 
I want all of you to be safe, so please if you are under 18, make sure you have it.
2. Play nice. 
I don’t want anyone bashing anyone for the book they’ve chosen. Your blind date took the time to choose this book specifically for you. If you don’t like it, that’s okay. Don’t bash your partner.
3. Follow through. 
I don’t want anyone to be stood up! This round you will be required to buy a physical book whether it be through Book Depository, Thrift Books, or what have you. I understand it can be tough, so if you can’t participate in this round because of that, feel free to comment on this post saying so or email me.
4. Look through your date’s “Read” shelf on Goodreads. 
I don’t want your date to get a book they’ve already read. This is supposed to be a moment of discovery! Give them something they’ve never really heard about before. If you want to go the extra mile, go through their TBR list as well to make sure they really don’t know what they’re getting.
5. Send your package by Monday, February 20, 2016. 
The point of Round 1 is for everyone to be able to get their packages by the end of February for the sake of Valentine’s Day. 
The Requirements:

What do you need to bring to your date? 
1. A Book (obviously). Preferably one that hasn’t been read.
2. A letter. Put something like “Read Me First!” so that you can talk to your blind date, reveal your identity (if you want), and give a sneak peak of the book.

UPDATE: You have the option of sending ebooks! You can add a note or don’t add a note at all! 

You can add a little something, something if you want to make your package a little more special than it already is, but it is not a requirement. 
Thank you for showing such great interest in the Blind Book Date Club. The form is ready for you to fill out below. Since this is round 1, I ask that this be kept to the US. I don’t know how people feel about shipping internationally, but if you’re interested in becoming an international participant, please email me! I would love to have international people be a part of this. 

You can also grab the button to put on your blog after your done submitting your form and feel free to use the hashtag #BlindBookDates to stay in contact with everyone else joining in on the fun!

There have been some edits to this post! The deadline for sign ups have been extended!

Blind Book Dates

Blind Book Dates


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