Weekly Review 1.17.16

Hello lovelies! Every Sunday I try to have a post that wraps up my week both in my life and in my blog.

This week has been another lazy kind of week. I don’t really have anything crazy going on until school starts up on Tuesday.

In the Life

Like I said, nothing super crazy. I’ve just been hanging out. Trying to clean my room. Catching up on blogs and books. I’ve been doing the Clean Slate Read-a-Thon and while that was fun, I didn’t hit my mark of 5 books. Boo… But I did get through two books and I’m reading one now. I’ll have a post about that tomorrow. 
On Wednesday, I went shooting with my friends. It’s actually the first time I shot a gun and wow that was fun, I have to admit. I’m not going to go political about it, because really, who finds that fun. This isn’t supposed be about politics. This is about to be about books! But just from my own personal opinion, I would really rather have a shot gun than a hand gun. Pistols make me so nervous, I felt like it would fly out of my hand after every shot. Revolvers were a little bit better. I’m also having the itch of just trying to get crazy good at them. I have a thing for being a good shot. I want to be really, really good at it.
I also bought school supplies because who doesn’t like shopping for school supplies okay? And when you have Daiso, everything is super cute. I have to.
In the Blog

Like I said, I joined the Clean Slate Read-a-Thon and you’ll get a wrap up post about it. I read kind of the same amount that I would’ve read normally I think, which is a bummer. But it was fun and I read some great books out of it. So I’m not all that bummed out I guess. 
The Blind Book Date Club is live and waiting for your eager sign ups! I’ve extended the sign up time to get more time for people to sign up and I’ve also extended the deadline for shipped packages. I also edited the post to say that ebooks are included. I know that physical books and then shipping them out might not be a very affordable thing for people at the moment, so I meant to mention this in my original post but I guess I didn’t. If you have signed up, I ask that you spread the word so that we can have more people sign up!
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