School has Started. The Real Challenge Begins!

Hello lovelies!

To go and help with my resolution to blog more about my life, I decided to start posting weekly updates in my life. I initially wanted it to be called “What’s Up Wednesday”, but I’m kind of tired of these feature names dealing with days of the week so I said ah fuck it and just decided to put a title of what felt right that day.

Anyway, this week I started school again. Well it was yesterday, but nonetheless it’s school and it poses a real challenge for this blog. I moved my work schedule around so that I’m only working on the weekends so I’m not waking up at five in the morning and sleeping around 3 AM because of school work and going to close the store I work at. I’ve done that before. Not. Fun. It kind of sucks because now I have more restricted time during the weekends, but I mean I need the money and I hardly went out anyway, so no harm no foul really.

I’m taking about 19 units this semester which means I’m taking around 4-5 classes. This is kind of normal for me, but I’m taking two languages this semester and two history classes. Hopefully I can keep up with all of them. I’m taking Japanese and Chinese and while I can probably pick up Japanese relatively easy, Chinese is a daunting challenge–but I really want to know the language for when I go traveling. My boyfriend wants me to go to Taiwan with him at some point because he loved it so much and I think it would be that much better if I know the language a little bit. Actually, that’s kind of the reason why I want to learn languages so much. I love languages and the cultures they connect to and I want to be able to travel without a language barrier–because let’s face it, nothing is more frustrating than a language barrier. For both parties. So while I’m a bit nervous for what my grades are going to look like at the end of the semester, I’m really excited!

My fifth class is a directing class! I’m so honored to be invited to take this class because there’s only nine people enrolled in the class and you have to be invited to take it personally by the professor. The professor is the main acting professor of the theatre department so while he never really praised me blindly for any of my scenes, I’m really honored and grateful that he thought I would make a great addition to the class. I’m really excited because I’ve thought about directing for a really long time and now that I get to do it for an entire semester and maybe in the upcoming fall semester, it’s really exciting!

So while this semester is bound to be filled with a lot of stress and a lot of bumps in the road, I’m determined to make it out with really great grades and new experiences.


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