Mini Review: Don’t Eat the Glowing Bananas

Title: Don’t Eat the Glowing Bananas
Author: David D Hammons
Published: December 7, 2015
Pages: 215
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It’s hard to find a decent brunch in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. But that’s all Henry Rosetta wants from the world. That, and not to be eaten by nomadic cannibals. Henry has traveled the nuclear bomb-blasted highways critiquing the finest radioactive eateries and cataloging his experiences. All the while, he’s been searching for the knowledge of why the bombs fell. It’s this hunger for specialty food and forbidden knowledge that brings Henry to the city of New Dallas. There, Henry meets a green-skinned mutant, a katana-wielding assassin, and a horrible dictator who claims to know why the bombs fell. Henry must help the people of New Dallas and learn the great secret of how the world ended. And maybe get a taco along the way.

My Thoughts

Dancing Zombies. 
No really. Dancing. Zombies.
This book was a fun read. Like a really fun read. There were a lot of things that made me smile and made me laugh. This book was mainly a humorous book so when it laid down some real life drama, I was a little disoriented. 
I really, really disliked Zoe since she seemed to lack a lot of character (a lot meaning I only know that she was ragey all the time and wanted to kill and nothing else). She annoyed me and she drove me up a wall. Zoe was obviously written to be Henry’s main opposing force in this book but holy moly did she not stop being negative. She was constantly whining and constantly snapping at anything Henry said and she rolled her eyes a lot. It was truly the worst.
Other than that, I think this was an alright book to read. I liked a lot of the funny bits, but then when the info dump happened at the end and everything I didn’t feel super great about it. The end was really underwhelming and there was suddenly this weird romance between Henry and Zoe that I didn’t feel was earned at all. If the book did a better job with those two areas, it would’ve been better–but alas. 
If you’re into some strange humor, this might be the book for you. It’s definitely strange in an endearing way.

Disclaimer: I was given a free ARC for an honest review.


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