Tiredness, Sleep, and Conventions Pt. 2

Hello lovelies!

I know I’ve been MIA other than reviews lately, but I’ve just been so stinking busy that I can’t even go on to check people’s blog posts. It’s honestly just been school, homework, sleep, repeat. I did have a mini vacation, but as soon as that was over it was back to doing homework before my week started up again. So I’m just going to give you a low down on what’s been going on in my life so far.

The Life
So far my life has been slightly hectic, but so far I can handle it. Having two language classes is starting to take affect. There’s a lot of homework to surf through and there’s a lot of language because I’m learning two new languages. Good thing I tend to be good at picking up languages.
Chinese hasn’t been too hard (yet). WE just started on characters and I think once I get the hang of it, reading by characters instead of Ping Ying (the Romanized version of Chinese). The accent marks are really crucial for reading Ping Ying, but as you know, a lot of Chinese words in text hardly have them, so it’s hard to know what it’ll sound like to say it correctly. Japanese has been pretty easy, though. The hiragagana is a bit to take in since we suddenly had to know the entire alphabet by the test lmao–but I’ve seen so much of it that I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.
My directing class has been really fun so far. It’s interesting to see what my classmates have to show as their way of direction and they’re way of story telling. (I had this entire post laid out before this that had a lot of detail but then Firefox decided to be a huge butt and mess up the formatting so now I have to retype it and I’m honestly not for that. I promise to make a better post next time.)

The Convention

Some of you may know that I went to a convention this past weekend and boy was it an adventure. There were a lot, I mean a lot of things I could’ve handled better. I was  definitely not as prepared as I should’ve been (and usually am) but I think that’s because I had so much homework to make sure I had done before the con started, that I had no real time to just sit down and work everything out. I just hate how unprofessional it made me feel. Sure conventions are a lot of fun, but it is still an event that’s put on and I’d hate to be someone who’s donating their hard work to find that the person running it is incredibly disorganized. That and the people who had to help me out (I’m so sorry). I was so frazzled ah. 
In the Books

As much as I love talking about myself, this is a book blog so let’s list some things I got done with book wise. I haven’t been able to read as much as I had been able to over the break, but I’ve gotten to read more which is nice.
Books I’ve Read:

Don’t Eat the Glowing Bananas (review posted)
Thoughts: Funny, fun, but just a little lacking
The Carpet of Purple Flowers (review to be posted)
Thoughts: Ugh. Just. Ugh.
This post was written on Friday with intent to post it on Friday, but I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but my computer was down because there was this whole thing with the battery being inflated (which is dangerous) and then my computer wouldn’t even work with a charger plugged in… A lot of nonsense. Finally, it just started shutting down randomly, so I ordered a battery and decided to wait until I got it (which I did today, Sunday). So now that I have the battery I can post this up. Sorry if it’s a strange weekly review. I haven’t posted one in a while (again, sorry!). 
How was your week?


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