An Interview with… Myself? • Get Offa That Slump!

Before we get to the interview with yours truly, I’ll give you a quick summary of what Get Offa That Reading Slump! is. Officially it’s named Get Offa That Reading Slump Blogging Extravaganza. It’s being hosted by Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf and it’s going on right now, the month of March! If you’re interested, head on over to the intro post and join on in.
And on to the interview!

What’s your name?

Alexa Ahn
How many winters have you survived?

I guess now it would be almost 21. But I’ve only lived through 20 birthdays.
Where should we ping you on Google maps?

California in the US of A. Many people that I’ve talked to who don’t live in California talk about their love of the weather, but recently we’ve been having spikes of rain and then summer heat so I’m not so sure we’re talking about the same place.

I have two cats and two dogs. 
So… Cat or Dog person?

Frankly, I love all animals. If I was smart enough I don’t doubt that I would be a veterinarian, but alas I’m not that smart haha. However, I love cats. As much as they are assholes, I think they’re adorable and they get themselves in such cute and weird positions aaah.
That right there is Gilda. She’s the baby of the animal fam. She’s not even a year old!
What’s the sitch on the academics?

Well currently I’m taking 18 units (I hate myself, apparently). I’m really trying to blow through the rest of my transfer requirements so I can go to a full university. I’m taking Asian Art History specifically on China, Korea, and Japan, History of California, Japanese, Chinese, Directing, and an Aerobics class. They’re currently taking a lot of my time and ah, it’s just so hard to balance everything right now. 
You’re a… cosplayer?

Indeed I am. It’s kind of taken a back seat this semester, but I am! 
And that is…?

I mean it’s costume play. It’s just dressing up as characters you really like and you sometimes get to have fun with friends too!
Oh. Cool! What are you cosplaying?

Cosplaying has taken kind of a backseat this semester, but during the summer I’m really planning to cosplay a character from Undertale, Vocaloid, Sailor Moon, and League of Legends (even though I don’t play it lmao). I also really want to cosplay Celaena from the Throne of Glass series. We’ll see how that goes. 
What else do you love to do?

I really like traveling! I’ve never been out of the country (though I plan to soon), but I just like going places even if it’s close like Downtown LA. It’s just nice to have some fun and plus Little Tokyo is like my second home. I love it. 
I also love naps. Naps are gifts of gods. 
Disney or Miyazaki?

Oh how dare you. I love both! But I probably have more nostalgia with Miyazaki films. Laputa and Kiki’s Delivery Service just have such special places in my heart, hearing their OSTs make me cry (I’m not even joking). I also just love discovering new things from Ghibli (if you haven’t watched The Wind Rises please watch it). 
Coffee or Tea?

Tea. Tea all the way. Coffee makes me feel like I just finished a marathon and I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy. Plus I just love smelling teas. It’s weird I know. But ugh the smell of tea comforts me so much *runs to make some tea* 
This is tea from the Rose Tea Garden in Pasadena! I have to go back; this place was SO COOL. 

Well… I’ve kind of got a laundry list of those.
Pick like… a couple.

Okay, okay. So no one knows my obsession with Lush bathbombs more than my boyfriend. He actually got me a really expensive Christmas gift. A Lush gift box full of bathbombs. I just finished the last one about a few days ago and now I’m sad. Other than that I have an obsession with cats. 
Sweet or Savory?

You know what? That depends. Sometimes I have a hankering for something really sweet and then I get a hankering for something really salty. Usually though, I’m kind of in between. 

Ravenclaw. I can’t wait to go to the Wizarding World when it opens officially. I can finally get some Ravenclaw wear. 
What are you doing currently?

Streaming YouTube videos when I should be studying.
Current Mood?

I’m actually wearing that same sweater. I’m mostly just really tired. I need Spring Break. Please come sooner. 
That’s really all I’ve got guys haha. I kind of ran out of ideas and got really distracted. You can catch me on Twitter most of the time or on Instagram (both links are on the side over there –>).
I hope you guys enjoyed this. I can’t wait to hop onto the next posting round.

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