Let’s Get to Know Victoria and Kit • Beautiful People

Cait @ Paper Fury has this cool little thing I’ve been wanting to join in on for a while called Beautiful People. You can look at what it is more here. I haven’t really been able to do this because I felt like I’ve been out of writing for so long that I didn’t really have a good grasp of anything I wrote in the past-but when I fixed my computer (for like the umpteenth time) Word brought up something I hadn’t touched since last year and everything just kept flooding back to me. So here I go. 

I may just keep this story I’m writing a little secret until I get more comfortable with how this story is going to go. Don’t want to give too many details just yet. 
Q: What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off?
Both Victoria and Kit were based off of these characters I read from a comic a couple of years ago on tumblr. I wish I can remember the name and who drew it (I’ll go surfing through my archives to find it), but right now I can’t. Victoria is this mechanic for cyborgs and Kit is the cyborg seeking help, but he breaks into her shop to try and fix himself without knowing how to. These are the characters that were in the comic and I kind of took my own spin on them. 
Victoria is kind of heavily based on the character Deryn from Leviathan. At least her personality is. I love Deryn and I wanted to bring that kind of character to my stories. Of course, I’ve taken my own take on it, but a lot of her resilience and her spunk is inspired by Deryn.
Kit is kind of a character I created on my own. I still don’t know fully what his character is like, but I definitely have more fun writing for Victoria, so that’s probably what’s happening. 
Q: Describe their daily routine. 
ooh boy. 
Victoria starts off her day early. She wakes up around 5 AM, if she slept at all, and she immediately starts working on the projects she stopped the night before. She’s constantly working on patients and on the parts, so she’s constantly focused on that. She also tries to work on her own inventions on her free time. It’s usually why she doesn’t sleep too much.

Kit wakes up around 10 AM, but he has to deal with clients all day. Since he’s kind of used and sold as an escort (of all kinds) he goes to deal with those appointments. He usually gets home around 2 or 3 in the morning. But this is his routine before the book starts so….

Q: If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into?

Victoria would probably fit in with the robotics kids at my high school for pretty obvious reasons.

Kit I think would probably be either a jock in cross country or something. That or he’d just be popular for nothing except for his charisma lol.

Q: Write a list of things they merely tolerate.

Ack this is going to be a little difficult.

Victoria: Coffee and heat

Kit: Sweets and Victoria

Q: How do they react to awkward silences?

Victoria would most likely not mind it at all. She’s usually doing a ton of things at once, so if there’s silence she’s probably relaxing or she’s thinking of something else entirely haha.

Kit would get annoyed. He’d probably start getting jittery or restless.

Q: Can they swim? If so where did they learn?


Q: What’s one major even that’s shaped who they are?

Victoria had a huge influence from her father. He was one of the greatest mechanics and robotic engineers when she was growing up. When he was at the top, robotics and cyborg engineering was a new thing that was just happening and Victoria was immediately influenced by it and fascinated by it. She tried to be like her father. When hard times fell on her family, she took up the reins and now she’s living on her own running almost a non profit mechanic shop for people who can’t afford a proper mechanics care. Victoria had a pretty good family life but it all changed when her father’s company kind of screwed them over and they were forced to live in the urban streets–but both her father and mother were incredibly supportive of each other.

Kit was sold into a human trafficking ring when he was younger and that kind of molded his personality. He’s incredibly charming and charismatic because he had to appeal to his potential customers, so when he escapes, he can’t really help but continue on and the fact that Victoria is more or less nonchalant about his charm annoys him because he’s worked really hard on it! But at the same time, he’s glad because he starts to find out who he really is.

Q: What things do they value most in life?

Victoria: Honesty, loyalty, support, and courage

Kit: Freedom

Q: Do they believe in giving people second chances? Do they have trust issues?

Victoria: Yes and no. It’s really dependent on the situation. Since she lives in the urban neighborhoods of Genesis, she sees how people can change and restart their life. But there are times where she doesn’t believe someone deserves a second chance. There are some things to her that are unforgivable. For the most part Victoria doesn’t have any trust issues. She’s not gullible, but she likes to pride herself in her good judge of character.

Kit: No. Kit’s kind of brought up in a pretty hard dog eat dog world, so he rarely thinks people should get second chances. He doesn’t see how he can live with the idea of his traffickers having a second chance at a good life or some kind of redemption. And because of this Kit also has a myriad of trust issues.

Q: Your character is having a bad day…what things do they do to make things better again? Is there someone they talk to?

Victoria kind of goes back to her routine. She just fixes mechanical things and robotic things because it’s a soothing action for her. After a while she cools off and she can look back at what made her so upset in retrospect.

Kit kind of runs off and does whatever to distract him. Sometimes that’s walking around town. Sometimes that’s flirting with a lot of people. It always kind of changes depending on his mood, but he definitely falls under the whole distract yourself vibe unlike Victoria.

Thanks for dropping by! What do you think of Kit and Victoria? What characters are you writing? If I were to put the writing up somewhere would you like to read it? I’m curious!


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