Story Boards? Timelines? • The Writing Circle

Hello my loves! The Writing Circle is a little thing I started so we can talk about writing. The first post I made was about character playlists. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here!
Today I wanted to talk about how we actually plan our storylines. I know I used to be really meticulous about this, but now I’m not as much (or at all really). When I started writing when I was a lot younger, I just wrote to write, but then when I got a little more serious about my writing I starting writing everything down. I mean everything. For each character whether they were a main character or a side character, I had a full character bio and everything right down to their nervous habits and quirky habits. And then when I got to the actual plots, I would write a basic plot line, but certain things that were important I made sure lined up with each other. This writer wasn’t going to have plot holes, no sir. 
Then an author I talked to in high school said that having story boards is what she did and so I started to wonder if that was what I should be doing and I’m telling you guys, I had flashcards stuck on the wall next to my bed consisting in what happened in every. Chapter. Again, no plot holes. Not here. Get that out of here. 
Now when I started writing again, it was more to relax and to just unwind. So I wasn’t really going for any big sweeping stories or anything. I even wrote fanfic for a little bit (that aren’t ever finished, I’m sorry to those who keep finding them). But now I’m getting back into serious writing but I’m kind of taking the route that George R. R. Martin says where he kind of plants the seed and let’s it grow. 
How is it working? Eh. Alright I guess. Though I’m so forgetful with like a thousand other things going on that I need to start writing things down again. I made a post for two of my main characters, Kit and Victoria and even though I have a good handle on their characters and what initially brings them together, I don’t remember anything I wanted for their actual story line. All I remember is that it was in a sci-fi setting and that cyborgs were the norm.
What about you guys? Do you plan things out to the extreme details or you just kind of let it go wherever it wants?

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