That’s a Wrap! July

Like the weekly Sunday post, I haven’t really written a monthly wrap up post. Mostly because I felt like I haven’t been active enough to warrant one, but anywho. This month has been a pretty eventful and interesting month. I’ve got a lot more reading done than I felt I have in a long, long while (though while my six or ten books don’t compare at all to Cait’s 25–how do you do it), I was in a different country, and I got a blogging bug haha. I’ve got a lot of things brewing in my mind so let’s just jump onto it.


This month has been a really interesting month in terms of books. I got accepted for a slew of eARCs and even got to purchase books for myself (yay!). Physical copies have been somewhat of a luxury as of late and I’m really missing it. I look at everyone who has these amazing shelves and then I remembered that I used to be like that haha. I used to have 600+ books in my tiny bedroom.

*silently budgets to try and squeeze a few HC a month*



Physical Copies:

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes: Yes, I need more fantasy other than SJMaas (though I do love her work). I’ve been seeing and eyeing this for a while now. I mean look at the cover. Does that not scream badass? At least it screams very Assassin’s Creed esque. I can’t wait to start on this series. I’m in need for more fantasy.

Truth Witch by Susan Dennard: Remember when everyone was going absolutely bonkers over this? I do and now I get the copy in my hands. I’ve wanted to read this, but I was but a blip in the blogosphere and couldn’t really afford it. But now Book Outlet carries it so I had to. I’ve heard some mixed things, but I’ll stay opitimistic.

Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales: Something to add to my contemporary list. I haven’t read much since it’s really not my go-to genre, but I’ve read a few good ones. While high school wasn’t the best years for me, I do like living vicariously through these characters hahaha. I also bought this mostly for my younger sister because she’s not really into fantasy (I KNOW 😦 ), but she’s into contemporary. I’m trying to get her into more reading because knowledge is power.

Zodiac by Romina Russell: Kind of wanting to read more Sci-Fi after reading Illuminae, but I did buy this before that. Either way, I can’t wait to get started on this.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven: CUE THE TEARS. I’ve already read this (review here) and really loved it. I just loved it so much I needed a hardcopy on my shelf. It’s such a beautiful, tragic, and lovely book.


The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Gray: Magic and birdpeople? I read Magonia so this has to be good right? (If you haven’t read Magonia it is also about magic and birdpeople.) If I were to be honest I’ve heard good words here and there, but I’m not sure what to expect from this book. I’m still excited though.

Emotional Rescue by Ben Greenman: It was free on Kindle, what can I say? This is a nonfiction book that has lists of playlists for every occasion. I haven’t gone through it yet, but I’m hoping this will open me to new songs and some character playlists!

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken: Also remember when people were going bonkers over this book? Well I finally have a copy! Not HC, unfortunately, but I do have it in ebook form. I’m really interested to read this.


The Raven Cycle Series by Megan Stiefvater: I’m currently waiting to start on Blue Lily, Lily Blue and I just can’t get enough of this series. The Raven Boys are my children (Noah is such a precious cinnamon roll) and Blue is also my child, but I also kind of want to be Blue??? I mean who wouldn’t want Gansey as their love interest right? Anyway, I can’t wait to get my hands on all of these babies. If there’s a boxed set, even better.

A Darker Shade of Magic Series by V. E. Schwab: Magic and pirates! What can go wrong right? Apparently A LOT (still crying of the AGOS ending, hold on). I can’t wait for the last book to come out and it can’t come out soon enough. I really hope that the tour that happens for it stops by California because honestly I don’t know if I can handle it not.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu: I’ve been seeing people rave about this book for a long while and I think it’s about damn time that I get to it (also CW said it was great so ofc I’m gonna read it). I’m all for more cool violent characters so let’s get this going. (Meaning I’m going to start on it today while also trying to clean my room…yikes.)

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: CUE THE TEARS AGAIN because I’m completely in love with this series and Kaz and Inej and Nina and just everything about this series. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it if you’re into some heisty hi jinks and great characters. I’m going to the event in October for Crooked Kingdom if it costs me an arm and a leg. Review here.

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand: Another genre I’d love to get more into. I’m a huge history buff so it’s so weird that I don’t read much historical fiction! I’ve heard some great things about this and I’m pretty excited to start on it.

I was going to add a list of eARCs I was approved for, but this post is getting so long I decided against it hahaha. Maybe I’ll make a post for those separately but until then it’s a secret *cue evil laughter*.


What is my life even right now? I honestly don’t really know haha.

I just came back from a really cool study abroad trip to Taiwan and, if I’m being honest, I really miss it. I miss buying full meals for $3 and seeing nature literally everywhere I go. The weather was really killer (I am NOT made for humid environments. Yuck) but the country was really great. The people were generally nice and it was such a laid back environment. I stayed in Taipei and the city was so quiet during the day, but at night it came alive because of the Night Markets (think of the night markets in ADSOM). I really want to go back and I’m really itching to use my Chinese haha.

Now that I’m back in the US, I have to go and start working again to get a regular income going. This girl has got bills to pay, people. I’m definitely not putting myself through the hell that is working two jobs seven days a week BUT I will be working two jobs. It’s not even because I really need the two jobs (though having a paycheck every week is pretty damn nice), I really just like working in the two environments. They both have pros and cons, but I like them both.

But now that school is coming up in a few weeks I need the most important thing that a young adult needs in California:

A driver’s license.

I know. I KNOW. I don’t have one yet and I’m almost twenty one, don’t judge, but I’m working towards it. I already have a car, I just need a card that tells me I’m legally allowed to use it.


Along with my life I think about my blog and honestly what is my blog?

I’m still trying to find my voice and my style, but I think I’m making more of an effort to do it than I have in the past. This month has been really fun blogging wise. I’ve gotten a bit more active in the community and I’ve had fun writing some fun discussion posts. And if it isn’t obvious, I’ve moved to WordPress! It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now, but now that I’m using it a bit more I’m really liking it. It’s got a bit of a learning curve like Blogspot, but where as Blogspot had a lot of restrictions in terms of how the posting went, I decided to move. Here on WordPress it’s a lot easier to change how certain photos look and such so I think I’m going to be moving permanently. I imported all of my posts onto here and while the formatting is super wonky, I’m happy! I don’t have to start completely over! haha. Speaking of which…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I just needed to add that so that I can tell Bloglovin that, yes, this is indeed my blog. Don’t mind it.

Along with moving to WordPress, I’m taking strides to start my BookTube channel. I’m more of a talking person anyway, but that does not mean I’ll stop blogging. I’ll definitely keep these posts coming.

In Case You Missed It

Life and Discussion Posts:

The Importance of Parents in YAI talk about…well the importance of parents haha! This is actually my most popular post this month and I’m really proud of it!

My Time in JiufenA travel post talking about one of my favorite places in Taiwan that I got to see.

How Theatre Has Helped My WritingI’m a theatre major! So during my studies I really thought about how these methods applied to me in writing as well!

At the CrossroadsJust a little bit of a heart to heart with you guys.

Why I Love Loving VillainsA little post about villains, because I honestly can’t get enough!


The Raven Boys

A Darker Shade of Magic

An Ember in the Ashes

Dream Thieves

This month has probably been on of THE MOST eventful months in my blogging history, I’ll be honest. I didn’t realize it until I wrote this post. If you’re still reading this, much thanks from me!

Two questions for you today:

If you run a blog, what was your favorite post this month? If you don’t, what’s your favorite book this month?


3 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap! July

  1. I just read My Lady Jane and I loved it! I hope you do too, although it’s not very historical. The Young Elites is great though, and you’ve picked a great time to read it as the third book is coming out in a few months! I read TYE just after it came out and the wait has been terrible.

    My family are from Taipei, and I love it so much! But I’ve never been back around this time of year– I don’t think I could take the weather haha. Did you have a favourite street food? 😁


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