Illuminae Review

*haha see what I did there

Here I am, on the flight home from Taiwan and I decided to take a break from A Gathering of Shdaows because phone battery (it’s a library ebook loan) and holy moly why didn’t I read this before???? I got teary eyed more than once this book just sucked me into the world. I love the whole found footage (or…found documents I guess) format of reading. I still felt very part of the story and augh my heart. I essentially think this book reminds me of the mobile game Lifeline (which, if you haven’t played it–you should).

It’s really amazing how the writing in this book is. There’s so much formatting and thorough thinking in writing of this book and the commentary and the different voices really added an extra layer to the wonder of this novel. The world was so well established by just reading the voices and the reports. I loved reading all of the different chat logs, reports, and the commentary from AIDAN. It brought so much character because as readers we were so reliant on the characters voices instead of flowery descriptions and action scenes.

Also Kady Grant needs to be put on the list of amazing, badass, and incredibly strong female role models. There’s so much she goes through, so much she has to do I just. WOW. The will on Kady Grant is astonishing. I want to continue this series because I want to see how else she moves through the series. She is a huge inspiration for anyone out there and she really just kept impressing me throughout the entire book. She got cocky, sure, but she also had a lot of heartbreak and a lot of pressure was put on top of her and instead of letting it destroy her, she stepped up to the plate.

AIDAN was also an incredible point of view to read from. It’s an AI, but it’s totally plays with the whole “AI becomes sentient” trope but while most people think of this trope with the AI’s intent to kill and dominate the world–AIDAN simply wants to save the world (well the fleet) and his logic and his actions really put a commentary on what we view as right and wrong. AIDAN does what most people would deem a crime, but from its point of view–it was doing it for the good of the people (and the galaxy I suppose).

All in all this book was really something. I didn’t really know what to expect other than cool formatting and sci-fi but I was really brought into the world and the story in a way that I hadn’t been in a long time. I can’t wait for Gemina.



8 thoughts on “Illuminae Review

  1. I actually haven’t read Illuminae and I’m not sure I ever will – it was SO CRAZY HYPED so I got an ecopy, which turned out to be the wrong decision because I can barely see all the cool formatting on my itty bitty phone screen… but once the library copy becomes available I might read it. Maybe. I’m still not sure.

    BUT I’m glad you really liked it! A strong protagonist is always a plus, and it sounds like Kady is strong and badass. 🙂


  2. ahh, i loved this book! i’m so glad that you liked it too. i totally agree with you on the whole character of AIDAN. this was such a good review! i’m looking forward to reading more of your reviews in the future<3


    and of course, great review! I have been dreading on picking Illuminae up for a while now. I guess the time has come.


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