What I Have in My Bag + Giveaway


The time has come again. School. I myself am going into my junior year of college (ugh) and so I’m mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing myself for the oncoming semester. Of course the most important thing for any student is their backpack. Our backpacks are like our babies. It has everything inside of it that’s important and if we lose it suddenly it’s armageddon and we need to send out a search party. Or at least I do. Of course for this post you came to look at WHAT I’m carrying in my backpack and, of course, the giveaway that I’m putting together. We’ll start with the contents of my backpack first.

1. Notebooks + Paper

I’m the kind of gal who needs to have her notebooks separated. Don’t get me one of those five subject notebooks. I won’t use them except for some kind of scrap paper. I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely cannot use a notebook that also has three other subjects in it. They must all have their own specific spaces for notes and assignments. My favorite kinds of notebooks are smaller, thinner notebooks that are usually sold in asian stationery stores. There are brands like Campus, a Japanese brand which is REALLY AWESOME but also REALLY EXPENSIVE, but I tend to go for just a generic type.

2. Pencil Case

Of course you need something to write notes with, so I carry a pencil case. In said pencil case I usually have a variety of colored pens and highlighters along with a full arsenal of pens (specifically at .38 mm. I like very fine pens). I also usually carry a couple of my favorite mechanical pencils and erasers. I also carry extras for fellow classmates (but make sure they hand you back your pen, guys).

3. Water Bottle

Over here on the beach side of Southern California, I’ve been blessed with a rather tame summer. Still, however, hydration is ever of importance. I advise to always carry a reusable water bottle. If not I use the bought water bottle like a Smart Water bottle over and over until it’s all gross and bent out of shape haha.

4. A Book

Of course what do I bring if I’m not going to be studying? A good book. Whether this is a physical copy or an ebook (usually it’s an ebook for the sake of backpack space) I always carry one around so I can kill some time in the library or on the bus.

5. A Planner

As Alton Brown says many time, “Organization will set you free.” I’m a huge stickler for organization even though my room is a complete and utter mess. I need to keep a lot of things in order (which is why I get really anxious about last minute changes to plans). A planner is a great way to do this. I always try and keep it up for the most part of the semester to keep track of what classes I have and what assignments I have along with things like auditions or show dates. And plus they’re so cute.

6. The Essentials

What are these? Well for me it’s usually:

  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Keys

These are my three essentials for any kind of thing dealing with the outside world. I always keep my wallet on me at all times (more importantly my ID), my phone, and my keys. If it’s a day for going out and having fun I’ll also probably carry some make up to touch up or my Instax. If it’s for school I always take something like post-its or mints.

The Giveaway

So the giveaway portion. Probably the portion you’ve all been waiting for haha. Since school is starting (or has started, you poor children) I thought it would be nice to have some kind of giveaway for a school care package. School can be incredibly stressful and tiring–trust me you’re looking at someone who, last semester, took five college courses with two jobs. It can get a lil’ crazy sometimes. I present to you, the Back To School Care Package giveaway.

What’s included?

Everything I included in my list except for the essentials will be in your care package.

Yup so that includes:

  • Notebooks
  • Pencil case with some pens and pencils included
  • Book
    • This will be chosen through TBD, or if you’re in the US you can pick from the retailers available as long as the value is under $20.
  • Reusable Water Bottle (I’ll pick a hella cute one)
  • A Planner

Other things included will be a snack I got over in Taiwan, some Korean snacks, and some American snacks for those who are either outside of the US and you’re curious or you’re a US baby and you just want to get some good ‘ol taste of home haha. We all need snacks through our studying so there’ll be plenty of that.

Tea and/or coffee. Whether you’re a tea drinker or a coffee drinker, I’ll include that too! Tea is a go to for me when I’m studying. Very good for calming. Coffee just makes me way too jittery.

Some other feel good things. These are going to be a surprise, but they’re things that help me survive throughout the semester and keep me sane and I’d like to pass on those methods to you. Whether they work or not are really all dependent on you and your preferences, but I think a little help is always welcome.

The Fine Print

So here are some rules.

  1. This is open INTL as long as TBD ships to you. I really want the book to be included, so please make sure to check if they ship to you. It’d be really upsetting if they didn’t and we didn’t find out until you’ve been named the winner.
  2. You have to be at least 18 or have some kind of permission to disclose your address to me.
  3. This giveaway will end September 12, 2016. So it’ll be more of a “Back to School/Mid Term Care Package”.
  4. All entries will be in the rafflecopter.
  5. No giveaway accounts for anything. If I see it, you’ll be disqualified.
  6. If you are chosen to be the winner, I ask that you respond within 48 hours or else you will be disqualified and I’ll find a new winner. I’ll contact you via the social media you provide me in the Rafflecopter.
  7. Things get lost in the mail and that’s a huge bummer, but unfortunately I cannot be responsible for it. I will give you a tracking number, for peace of mind, though.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and good luck to all of you! Head over to the link to join the giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


17 thoughts on “What I Have in My Bag + Giveaway

  1. im in Germany right now, im currently going to some crash course language classes but in two weeks im throwing myself into German high school and i have no idea what im doing so its funny that i chanced across your post! right now i carry a graph paper notebook (so i can write/draw without being confined by college rule), my german textbooks, my planner (i feel your need for organization, bud) several Pilot-G2 pens, a package of fine tip markers for color coding, sunglasses, my wallet, keys, change purse (carrying euros around is insane), a little notbokk for keeping track of words i dont know, and a little notebook for keeping track of thoughts i have (gotta keep things separate!


    1. Omg I’m so excited for you!! I just went last month to Taiwan to study Chinese. It’s crazy throwing yourself into a new language and culture but I’m sure you’ll do swimmingly. Definitely keep in touch, we haven’t talked in so long 😭


  2. I totally get what you’re feeling! My classes just started last week, but I’m still on a vacationing kind of mentality. And I agree with the whole notebook thing. I can’t stand those binder-types.

    Your giveaway sounds awesome. Thank you for the opportunity!


  3. I love this post! I usually read ebooks too exactly for the same reason you mentioned (space), though I have tiny everything – tiny notebooks, tiny bags, etc. just because I like carrying light especially when I know I’ll be walking a lot. And those three things would be my essentials too – I would freak out especially without my phone and keys. D:

    Also I love that you’re reading Vicious right now. It’s one of my favourite books! How are you liking it?


  4. Oh, I love this post, Alexa! I’m going into my senior year of high school so I’m done with the major tests and such, but I still have to take IB tests and apply for college (which I’m incredibly stressed about ack). I keep a lot of the same things that you do in your backpack; I’m not a huge fan of those 5-subject notebooks! Also, yay for being back in the states; I hope your experience was gr8888! :~)


  5. the things i always carry with me are phone, wallet, book, and a pouch (???? if that’s what it’s called idk????). i mostly use tote bags, so the pouch is for all the smaller things that easily get lost at the bottom otherwise, like keys, pen, phone charger, headphones, pads etc. i try to always have water too, but i tend to forget that 😅


  6. Oh my gosh, this is awesome – I love these kinds of posts! To be honest, stationary is my jam, and I can spend hours drooling over all the stationary!! 😀
    I’m the same with the paper – I can’t deal with the 5 subject books – they just dont contain enough paper for me 😦
    And a waterbottle is crucial!! Gotta keep up those water levels 😛
    But I don’t have a planner…if anything, I use my phone…if I have anything else in my bag, I’m pretty sure it would burst! xD


  7. Thank you so much for this giveaway! In my bag I just carry school stuff, which is so boring… Books, pens etc. I do have a really cute pencil case with animals on! Good luck in college ❤


  8. I have a lot of little miscellanous stuff, like chapstick (eos), lotion, etc. I’ve got a couple of notebooks, pens, papers from doctor’s visits (I take them out every once in awhile XD), I always bring my iPad with me. If I’m going somewhere and I’m going to be waiting for awhile I’ll take a physical book with me. Thank you for the giveaway! 😀


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