An Important Message

Hello my loves. First of all I apologize for being so inactive this semester has been really kicking my ass and I really, really haven’t had the time to do things lately here on the blog. That’s not the message I had, but I just wanted to get that out there. I’m really wanting to expand this blog and push it further, it’s just school is a higher priority at the moment.


I’ve been really perplexed and upset that I haven’t been able to track my email followers which is a little bit of a problem considering the last giveaway I hosted. The winner, luckily, followed me through their WP account so I didn’t have to be conflicted whether or not they were actually subbed to my blog. So since this is a problem I’ve decided that I’ll be looking into third party mailing systems, mainly MailChimp. I’ve thought about it before I moved here to WordPress, but it seems like something I’ll really want to go with since I apparently can’t look at any of my email followers here on this blog (which sucks, you know?).

When will this happen? I’m not super sure yet, soon hopefully. I haven’t really been able to focus too much on blog things (like I’ve said). I would liked to have this done before the year is up, but we’ll see how it goes. That’s all I wanted to say. I do have some more posts scheduled so don’t worry. They’ll just be incredibly sporadic.

Much love,



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