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I’m one who loves to go to thrift stores and buy books by the stack for about $1 each. Of course when skimming through piles and piles of outdated self help books and parenting books I find a handful of fiction books. Sometimes I find YA novels as well. However, what I’ve noticed is that rarely do I see any YA novels that are from the past couple of years. We book worms tend to hoard books when we can (so we should really be called book wyrms haha…ha) so I’m honestly not surprised.

Though, just because a book is older than a few years, it doesn’t mean that the story is old news. The great thing about writing is that it is immortalized on paper. This is how we get the amazing works of Shakespeare and Virginia Wolf generations later. So even though I find these books that are quite old (circa early 2000s to early 2010s), I would still like to review them.

That being said, I feel like these reviews would get a bit less traction or interest. We’re always looking for the new thing the new books that are hyped up. We want to see what people are saying about the new YA novel that’s about to drop and that’s totally fine, but I think that also speaks to us about how we are seeing books now a days. If you’ve tried to clean out your shelves (a harrowing task, I know) and you’re anything like me, the thought of selling these books have crossed your minds more than once. But have you tried to sell them online? It’s pretty damn difficult! If you go through services like BookScouter or Powell’s you’ll find that you hardly get any money back for selling it. Books seem to depreciate at an alarming rate (which is a little sad, I’ll be quite honest). So this leads me to think that (at least for YA) there’s not a long life span for these books whether we’re just reading it or if we’re reviewing them.

I personally just love finding new stories young and old, so to me it doesn’t really matter when I come upon them. I still want to review them to show them to the world, but I just don’t know if the interest is there. This is also something I happen to find with YA novels more than adult fiction.

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Do you guys review books that are older than five years, specifically if it’s YA?

Would you read reviews of a book that’s five years old?


One thought on “On Older Books

  1. This exact topic has been on my mind, ever since I found several reviews that I wrote last year and didn’t publish. I was a bit hesitant to post them, because, as you said, they were older books and I generally get the feeling that older books, especially ones that had a ton of hype but aren’t talked about anymore, don’t get a lot of buzz.

    I think, if I really liked the book and it didn’t get a lot of attention, I’d still go ahead and review it. Or, if the book is by a marginalised author or an ownvoices, I’d still read and review it too, since those stories are always needed and important.

    And yes! I still like reading reviews of old books, especially if I’m interested in reading the book and I’m curious about what others thought of it. 👀


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