The Month of July || Wrap UP


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Holy crap summer has come and gone hasn’t it. Next thing I know I’m going to be starting school and you won’t hear for me for another six months. I wish I was joking, but this is probably a sad reality at this point. This summer has been an interesting and different journey. Last year at this time I was just coming back from Taiwan. This year I wasn’t able to travel across borders, but I’ve been able to kind of do a lot of things here and there. For instance I was able to go back to Anime Expo (even if it was just for a day) and have a grand time at the Artist Alley.

This month has been a bit rough with books. I only read about two physical books (both of which I didn’t like) and I found it really hard to keep my mind focused on my eARCs, mostly because my eyes were getting irritated by reading off a screen for too long. I don’t understand particularly why but that was a thing. However, I was completely okay with graphic novels and manga. I don’t know either. I finished two graphic novels and I’m starting a third. I think I’ll open my blog up to those more as well since I love the medium anyway.

Life wise, I’ve been working on a project that I finally decided to get super serious about. If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been really excited about enamel pins. I’ve been designing ones and I’m having my first line of it be from my favorite Shakespeare insults. It’s, uniquely, called Insulted by Shakespeare. The first set of them came in and I’m extremely excited. Keep an eye out for when I release the first batch because for every purchase, you’ll gain an entry to a giveaway for a book of your choice.

Here’s what the pin looks like:


I’ve been working on these nonstop for the past month and I’m itching to get them up for sale. Soon…

As of a couple of weeks ago I am also going to be directing a one act at my college in the fall! This is such an exciting opportunity for me. I’ve been itching to direct something again and am glad to be back on that side of things–this time with a bit more professionalism. It’s going to be one hell of a semester, but hey, I love being busy.

And since I’m going to be busy, hopefully I get my license this time. I tried last year and… well, long story short it was a disaster. I had to get a new permit, but this time I’m feeling much more comfortable behind the wheel. I think the circumstances are a lot better this time around. Fingers crossed.

This month really did fly by. I think I should start a daily journal or a separate blog that’s my daily journal. What do you think? I don’t think I’d have it public, but with my memory, it might be best.

The Books I’ve Read

The Girl on the Train –> Not a fan. This was predictable and I skimmed through most of it to find out who it was only to be disappointed because it was only predictable to the end.

Mooncop –> A lovely little graphic novel that depicts loneliness and the desire, but inability, to move with the times just like everyone else.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do… But You Could’ve Done Better –> An incredibly hilarious little book with images to go with short anecdotes about horrible break ups (and how people cope). All of the stories are sent in anonymously and I was both amazed and entertained by how wrong things can go.

The Edge of Everything –> Ugh. YA romance, why do you disappoint me so.

The Vegetarian –> The tone of the entire novel really reminded me of how I felt watching The Handmaiden (a Korean movie, not to be confused with The Handmaid’s Tale). Very bizarre and surreal.

Heathen vol. 1 –> An amazing first volume for a graphic novel series based around Norse mythology.

Things to Expect

On Old Books –> In which I talk about reviewing and reading books that are older than five years. Specifically in YA.

The Vegetarian Review

Podcasts 2.0 –> Last year I wrote a post about the podcasts I was obsessing over while in Taiwan. This is that but revamped! There are only a few, but they’re goodies.

Graphic Novel Reviews –> Netgalley has been gracious in granting me with eARCs for graphic novels. Watch out for the review.

August TBR –> Yes, I actually have a TBR for once. I was going through my bookshelf and I realized how many books I haven’t even touched. Time to fix that.

If you missed it, here are my posts from this month:

Gemina Review
Girl on the Train Review
The Edge of Everything Review

I didn’t browse blogs too much this time around but…

CW from Read, Think, Ponder revamped her blog and it looks ah-mazing! Check it out here!

Speaking of CW, she has provided art for Aentee’s (@ Read at Midnight) #TheReadingQuest! It’s a lovely little read-a-thon that’s based around an RPG game! It’s so cute and fun. I’m planning to sign up as a mage. Head over here to check it out!


That’s about it for this month on my end. How was your month? What’s your favorite book you read this month? What are you excited for come August? I’m most excited for the solar eclipse that’s going to happen on the 21st. I’m planning on spending the day at the beach and experiencing it there with the ocean. It’s all very poetic, but I feel like that’s the best place to do it.


One thought on “The Month of July || Wrap UP

  1. I’m also going to be a mage in Aentee’s read-a-thon 😀 happy reading, Alexa! Also, I love those Shakespearean insult pins, ha!


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