Things I’m Listening To


Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

About a year ago I made a post about the podcasts that I’ve been listening to. If you haven’t been made aware to the podcasts of the word, man what are you doing? If you’ve got a long commute to school or work, a flight you can’t sleep through, a block of time, or you need something in the background–podcasts are for you.

I personally constantly need something going on in the background during the day. Podcasts are the easiest way to just have hours of discussions going on in the background and many of the times it’s really interesting! There are a couple I tend to tune out once in a while because I’ll get distracted, but they’re still entertaining in their own right.


Oh No! Ross and Carrie is a podcast with the tagline “we show up so you don’t have to”. They consider themselves amateur investigative journalists and do some wild things. For instance they went into Scientology for a nine part series. They provide really incredible insight to things you may have heard about and may have encountered online, but have never encountered IRL. Plus, they’re very charming people.


The Last Podcast on the Left is a podcast for those who love learning about serial killers, cryptids, cults, and anything else bizarre. I will warn that their sense of humor is not for everyone, but this is one podcast that I listen to where I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode. If you’re into the strange and macabre, then I highly recommend this.


Speaking of the strange and paranormal, Lore is the place to go for your creepy ghost stories, sightings, and strange mysteries. Narrated and hosted by Aaron Mahnke, I can binge listen to a whole stream of these. He accompanies every episode with a piano track. Each episode is about thirty minutes long, so you can have this go on the background while you’re cooking or cleaning. Have it on Spotify and it’ll autoplay them!


Do you guys listen to podcasts? Have any recommendations?


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