Director’s Notes Week One

Director's Notes

Director’s Notes is a series of posts to log my experience in directing my first major One Act at my college. I’ll be going through the beginning weeks all the way up until closing. I hope you enjoy these posts and my journey as well. 

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My Feelings About the Hallyu Wave

hallyu wave

Photo by HS LEE on Unsplash

Today I want to take a little break away from the book related post and wanted to talk about something that’s a bit more personal. If you don’t know what the “Hallyu Wave” is, it’s essentially the sudden spike in the popularity of Korean pop culture (ie Korean Dramas, K-pop, K-beauty, etc.). As a Korean-American, this is a rather strange, intriguing, and disheartening experience. Continue reading “My Feelings About the Hallyu Wave”

On Focus

So this past semester hasn’t been all that great. I had dropped one of my three classes, I took on two shows, failed a different class, and am having some personal problems. Needless to say, I’ve been having a little bit of trouble. One of these troubles is focusing. Last summer I had talked about how I was feeling like I was at a crossroads. Where I felt like I had to make a decision because it was important to my education and my career.

I feel like I’m still there, just incredibly–painfully indecisive.

I have a lot of projects I want to work on. I want to work on my novels, my YT channel, school, acting, theatre, etc. etc. There are a lot of things I am passionate about and it sort of, kind of freaks me out that I might have to just laser focus on one thing. Mostly because I then don’t want to look back and go, “damn I should’ve focused on that instead”. So I’m in a bit of a bind. I really want to focus on this blog because it’s fun (and I have time now to actually, you know, read), but I also want to focus on things that might take much more of my time.

Blogging, while fun, has also become a bit of a challenge. If I want the traffic, I have to constantly be advertising it. I have to constantly be active in the community. I’ve gotta be on twitter, mostly, and while I really did enjoy it–it hasn’t been a place I want to be at all hours of the day. No offense to those I really enjoy following, it’s just the community there as a whole hasn’t been feeling overly positive lately and it’s really grinding my groove haha.

I also haven’t been able to focus on a book. Currently I’m reading two books at the moment and I can’t seem to just sit and read for hours. I feel restless. Like I should be doing something else, even though I am doing something. My mind has been going a hundred miles per hour just revolving over different tasks and projects I need to do. I tried to start a bullet journal to get them all down, but I got really tired after a bit (story of my life, to be honest).

This post really didn’t have anything great or meaningful to say, I just had to get some things down in text format. I think I might just start hardcore scheduling things in time brackets to get my mind in order. I hate that I have to be so structured, but I honestly feel like I’m going crazy having my mind constantly jump back and forth between different tasks and projects. I can do it. It’ll just take a lot of work.

Life and Revamps (AKA Where the Hell I’ve Been)

Hello, my dears.

Yes, I’ve been gone from the blogging realm for months. Months. It’s something that I kind of let go haywire because of how things have happened in life, but I was also trying to focus on my YouTube channel. However, even that has been taken over by life. 

So what have I been doing?

I was recently in my school’s production of Hairspray. During the first couple of weeks of the rehearsal process I was also doing another show during the tech and performance dates. I really hardly had any time to read or be on any kind of social media, to be honest. I’ve been off Twitter for a while too, whether that’s because of the community or that I was just not interested is still up for personal debate.

That being said, there are also some personal stuff that has happened that’s been taking up my time and energy aside from also being at work five days out of the week. I really had little time to focus on myself and just relaxing. Now that the semester is over and that I have months of… well nearly nothing, I think I can go and catch up on the books I haven’t read and the reviews that need to be written (sorry eARCs).


So I tweeted a while ago that I was coming back to my blog, but I was changing it slightly. I had started this journey to make purely a book blog, but my mind tends to wander in many different directions. So. What I decided to do was to just make this a blog. Not a book blog, not a life blog, just a blog. A place where I can talk about different things. I will have a kind of set up, so it won’t be super disorganized. However, I plan on talking about more than books. I kind of already was doing this, but since I had labeled my blog as a more “book” blog it didn’t feel right. I’m going to get rid of this label and just kind of do whatever the hell I want.

Currently, I’m planning on still doing book reviews and book like posts, but I will also be including things like entertainment or general life posts. I feel like I just need a space where I can express myself fully and I feel like this is the direction that should be taken. I hope you guys will continue on this journey with me, though I know it’s been through many changes in such a short span of time.

With that, I will hopefully be back to full blogging mode soon. I want to put a deadline to maybe July or mid June, that way I have time to prepare and schedule posts instead of making them up on the fly.

So with that, I go to work.

I hope to see you guys soon.