Review Policy

Hi! I see you’re curious as to what my review policy is.

Before I get into anything, I would like to thank you for your interest. I know reaching out to reviewers can be tough, so I really thank you.

The most important thing you’re probably going to need to know is that I don’t do my reviews the traditional way. I don’t rate from 1-5 stars or hearts like I used to. I write my full review and from that, the reader can infer if they would enjoy the book or not. I feel that rating systems can be a bit counter productive since they’re a bit subjective.

What will I review? Honestly I’ll review any form of your book whether that be an ebook or a physical copy. Now while I do like reading all kinds of literature, I don’t necessarily review all genres. Below is a list of genres I review:

  • Fantasy*
  • Paranormal*
  • Young adult*
  • New adult
  • Apocalyptic/Post-apocalyptic
  • Contemporary*
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Historical fiction
  • Sci-fi

*Books I’ve been currently reading.

If you have something that applies to the above and you want me to review it, it’s best to contact me via email at wordsoffthepagereviews[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include the following in your email:

  • In the subject line please have something with the words “review request” in them.
  • A sincere message. Please do not send me a stock message sent out to a mass email. Those will be deleted. 
  • Book title, cover, and author.
  • Book synopsis (or the blurb on a cover) and genre.
  • A link to Goodreads.
  •  Anything else you would like me to keep in mind.

If I do accept your request, you can expect the following in my review:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Cover
  • Synopsis (pulled from Goodreads)
  • Publication date
  • Page number
  • Link to Goodreads
  • An honest review.

I do want to remind you that I am a full-time college student and work two part-time jobs, so there may be times where I am unable to take in a request. It’s nothing personal, I just simply do not have the time to take in requests.

Still interested? Do send me an email and we can get talking right away. I will reply within 48 hours to the best of my ability.

Finally, to follow the FTC guidelines for bloggers and endorsements, all of the books that are reviewed on The Words Off the Page were either: purchased, gifted, won, or borrowed to me. Unless stated otherwise, all reviews are written by me and I do not receive any kind of compensation for reviewing a book. Since I am a strong believer in honesty when reviewing books or any kind of media or product, how I have obtained a reviewed book will not change my thoughts towards it.

Again, thank you for your interest. It really means a lot to me!